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I am able to work without pain...

For the first time in years, I am able to work without pain.


Your treatments have rid me of pain...

Your treatments have rid me of pain freeing me to live in comfort once again.


The transformation is incredible...

"Before I came to Dr. Yang for acupuncture, I had an excruciating amount of back pain. I had been to a chiropractor, physical therapy, and several other specialists. I tried massages and orthopedics, every thing I could think of. The only thing that mildly helped was pain medication which only masked the problem and created others. I couldn’t even pick up my four year old daughter and at times could barely walk.

Now I am two months into treatment with Dr. Yang and the transformation is incredible. I am no longer on pain medication and finally feel like I have got my life back. In addition to pain relief, my circulation has also improved. My hands and feet no longer turn purple when cold. Thank you!"

Noel A.

Dr. Yang has really improved my immune system...

"“I have been a patient of Dr. Yang and Dr. Duan for three years. I came to Dr. Yang with a problem of recurrent pneumonia. I previously had pneumonia at lease two times every year. Dr. Yang has really improved my immune system. Not only do I not have the pneumonia every year, I seldom get a cold. I also have been able to reduce the amount of medication I take for asthma. I never have to take strong steroids to breathe any more.

Dr. Yang has also treated me for arthritis pain in my knee. I had to have some cortisone shots for the pain, but they did not last long. With acupuncture treatment the pain is completely gone.

Dr. Duan worked with me after I had bilateral mastectomy last year. Because of her treatments, I had very little pain from the surgery. I had excellent range of motion very soon after the surgery. I also had very little swelling and no lymph edema.

I have received excellent care and treatment. I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Yang and Dr. Duan.”

Judy S.

I can sleep through the night now without using any type of inhalers...

"As a patient of both Dr. Yang and Dr. Duan I have received treatment for several ailments. To name of few: sinus, aches and numbness from old injuries, muscle pains from work and medications, pre and post surgery (knee replacement), and pre and post cancer treatment (radiation). My sinus situation has been greatly improved. I can sleep through the night now without using any type of inhalers.

The combination of treatments by Dr. Yang and Dr. Duan were so very helpful when I had my left knee replaced. Their treatments definitely helped in the healing process, quicker healing and greater mobility. Again, the same applied with the cancer treatment, I had very few of the common side effects, pain, soreness and others associated with prostate radiation.

The treatment, care and concern for my health needs has been excellent. I recommend their services to all my friends and any one needing health care."  Ken M.

My father has been doing SO WELL...

Dear Drs. Yang and Duan,

My father has been doing SO WELL! Since his treatment with you in July! His legs are stronger and have no longer experiences any incontinence. He’s sleeping better, too! He continues to talk about how he didn’t even feel the needles when Dr. Yang put them in, and he has asked me to be sure to let you know how pleased he is with his progress and to thank you for your kind treatment. He has taken the herbal formulae you prescribed faithfully, even the tea – which caused him to make a face as he drank it! Now he sees an acupuncturist at Shen Ming clinic in Grants Pass, Oregon, where he lives, and continues to improve.

Thank you once again, dear doctors, for helping my father being well.

Your student,
Kathy A.

It seemed to me there should be another way to treat theses headaches...

To Whom It May Concern:

I know several people who have tried acupuncture for every thing from headaches to sports injuries with good results, for that reason I decided to try acupuncture myself for severe headaches I had been getting for sometime.

Over the counter pain medication didn’t help so the solution prior to acupuncture was prescription pain medication. It seemed to me there should be another way to treat theses headaches.

I have been happy with the results from acupuncture. Over time my headaches decreased and now seem to have gone away. I believe the combination of acupuncture and herbs are the reason.

I also am fortunate to have chosen Doctor Yang. His combination of medical as well as acupuncture training increases my confidence in his abilities.

I believe the herbs are very beneficial. I think that having the herbs between acupuncture treatments helps to maintain the benefits over time. Here again I think Doctor Yang’s medical and acupuncture training in China give a good background in knowing how to prescribe these herbal medicines.

Eloise H.

Freeing me to live and work, once again, in comfort...

Thanks to Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Center. I am, for the first time in my years, able to work at my profession pain free. I don’t know how it works, or why it works but my treatments at Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Center have rid me of the pains in my back and shoulder, freeing me to live and work, once again, in comfort.

James E.

Your treatments that enabled me to overcome my lower back pain...

Dear Dr. Duan,

Thank you very much for your treatments that enabled me to overcome my recent period of lower back pain. I have not experienced that disability for several years.

If periodic treatments are needed in the future to maintain a healthy back, I would like to do that.

Gary A.

Haven’t had a problem with back in 2 years...

(An email received from two patients)

Hi, Ella,

So good hearing from you. Glad you are getting help from Dr. Yang. He is my hero, got out of 5 years of severe pain in my back. Haven’t had a problem with back in 2 years. I could hardly walk either, I was crawling on the floor once in awhile to get around. Couldn’t stand the pain in the left leg. He took care of it permanently. Say hi to him, he is one of most favorite people. ….

  M. B.  

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